My Book Series

Learn about Madyson Blair's series of novels, The Weather Inside

'The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.'
                                                                                           ~Anais Nin          


           My life's work—a seven book series that’s been brewing in my head for well over a decade, now. With the first two books out of the womb (and the third one well on its way) I’m finally ready to share this story with the world. 


            So what is The Weather Inside really about?

            I have often been asked the dreaded question: ‘What genre is it?’ to which I usually respond: ‘ Dark Magical realism with a surrealistic twist.’ The truth is that it’s difficult for me to pinpoint a precise genre because it seems as though my story is in a genre of its own. I could call it psychological, mythological, philosophical, mystical, phantasmagorical, spiritual, esoteric, etc. Still, none of these words fully describe the true nature of the tale. Thematically, my story is about duality, the mysteries of ancient knowledge, the balance of the opposites, the eternal return of light into dark and dark into light, the divine feminine and masculine, life, death, rebirth. Sounds a bit intimidating, I know—but all of those fancy categorical words and phrases aside, my series is fun to read. I’ve been told as much. It’s full of adventure, humour/wit, imaginative landscapes, romance, decadence and colourfully unforgettable characters. As for the writing style, I have studied the craft intensely since I was eleven years old. Quality is guaranteed. To see for yourself, read the first ten pages here for free.


        Born of a corpse, the demigod King Alastair grows up worshipped and spoiled yet aches to fill the void his mother left behind. When he meets Iris, a teenage servant girl, he begins to idolize her as a mother figure until their feelings turn forbiddingly romantic. Iris leaves and years pass as she tries to forget about the magical boy she once loved. Upon hearing rumors of an extravagant “Thespian King”, however, she sets forth on a phantasmagorical voyage back to the kingdom. There, she encounters the arrogant façade of a man secretly obsessed with unravelling the mysteries behind his tragic birth. When he sacrifices his entire kingdom in the afterlife only to enter the womb of his reincarnated mother, he is met with despair when she vanishes and leaves him motherless again. Beneath the guise of charismatic actor, Alastair hides a harrowing obsession with revenge as he plummets toward corruption.  

Many years later his determined widow, Zarah, resolves to read his journals which guide her down a disquieting path of otherworldly discoveries. Not only has Alastair returned to his kingdom, but his goals have shifted darkly as he spirals down a hedonistic path of calculated destruction that could shake the fate of humankind.


Isolated at home in London with her wicked mother, Bryanie Sinclair longs for her fascinating father, Alastair, to come visit more often.  He, a famous actor with mysterious, Godlike abilities, speaks to Bryanie of a glorious far-away place called Paradise wherein the two of them will live someday as King and Queen forever. As Bryanie discovers her own unique power, she follows her father to the other side, heading deeper and deeper down a precarious rabbit hole where nothing is quite what it seems. As time passes, the births of two new Godlike children stir Alastair and Bryanie’s universe, commencing a phantasmagorical, symbolic journey toward wholeness, spanning years and generations, imbued with mysticism, darkness and unimaginable revelation. 

      What occurs in the remaining seven books I will keep a mystery for now. The Weather Inside may be a story, a book series, a bunch of words—yet more than these things, it is an experience to be savoured and endured. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!